Abou us

History, passion, participation.
Three words at the foundation of a project,perhaps ambitious,maybe not, which aims to the unusual
task of combining interest in history and modelling hobby under a single flag to a new form of interaction
osmosis between the “parts”. A platform that allows the passion, ingenuity and expertise of hobbyists to merge
and interact with each other and a productive and commercial reality, opening new paths, new opportunities to create something

History, for the desire to relive and rediscover the past and its flavor, shape it and bring it back to life through
sculpture, painting and everything related to the “miniature” momdo in all its forms. Perhaps for the first time in total freedom
unrelated to logic and market needs.

Passion, for the desire and dedication to give in to time and discipline to create something concrete
and authentic, which best reflects the love for the period, the events and the characters that most touch us in our imaginary intimate.

Participation, for the opening of our platform to a new approach to break down the distances that divide manufacturers and modellers
,making available all the technology and expertise of a productive and commercial reality to ideas to the enthusiastic
those who want and dream of seeing their projects and their work come to fruition and enhance themselves, turning into something more,

A long and ambitious work, but that we are sure will find the support of those who love and live this Hobby with enthusiasm and talent.

OlimpYa Models Team.

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