Bernese Gunner with Spingarda
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Bernese Gunner with Spingarda


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Bernese Gunner with Spingarda – metal kit

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The city of Bern is one of the Zähringer foundations of the late 12th century (traditional date 1191). By the end of the 13th century, it had acquired de facto imperial immediacy. It became a full member of the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1353, and during the 15th century managed to significantly expand its sphere of influence, notably with the conquest of Aargau in 1415. With the acquisition of Vaud in 1536, Bern became the most powerful city-republic north of the Alps, and one of the leading Protestant cities in early modern Switzerland. The canton of Bern in the Restored Confederacy of 1815 even after the loss of Aargau and Vaud remained the largest Swiss canton, relegated to second rank only with the secession of Jura in 1979. Since 1848 Bern has served as the federal city (capital) of Switzerland.

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Dimensioni 11 × 8 × 4 cm


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