Bodyguard Cardinal Guastavillani – Italy 1550

Bodyguard Cardinal Guastavillani – Italy 1550


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Bodyguard Cardinal Guastavillani – Italy 1550 – 54mm – metal kit – model

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Son of Angelo Michele Guastavillani and Giacoma Boncompagni, his maternal uncle was Pope Gregory XIII (Ugo Boncompagni). He had a sister, Laura, married to the Bolognese patrician Giuseppe Cannobio Sessa di Ticinallo, State Treasurer.

He held various political positions in his hometown, but, after the promotion to the cardinalate, which took place by his uncle in the consistory of July 5, 1574, he renounced it in favor of his brother Girolamo.

He was governor of Spoleto (1578) and Ancona (1578-1585), protector of the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto (1580-1587), commendatory abbot of Nonantola (1582-1587), chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church (1584-1587) and governor of the Legations of Bologna and Ferrara.

He died in Rome and was buried in the basilica of the Santi XII Apostoli; the following year the body was moved to the cardinal’s hometown and buried in the church of San Francesco.

For this he had several guards who also acted as companions in a constantly changing and dangerous territory for many nobles and prominent personalities.

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