Farinata degli Uberti Battle of Montaperti, 1260

Farinata degli Uberti Battle of Montaperti, 1260


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Farinata degli Uberti Battle of Montaperti, 1260 – 54mm -metal kit FRV-049

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Manente degli Uberti (1212 – 11 November 1264), known as Farinata degli Uberti,  was an Italian aristocrat and military leader of the Ghibelline faction in Florence. He was considered to be a heretic by some of his contemporaries, including Dante Alighieri, who mentioned Farinata in his Inferno.

Farinata died at Florence in 1264. In 1283, his body and that of his wife, Adaleta, were exhumed from their resting place in Santa Reparata, and tried for heresy. They were found guilty by the Franciscan-led Inquisition, and their remains were subjected to a posthumous execution. According to Boccaccio, in his commentary on Dante, the Inquisition discovered, among other things, that Farinata denied life after death:

He was of the opinion of Epicurus, that the soul dies with the body, and maintained that human happiness consisted in temporal pleasures; but he did not follow these in the way that Epicurus did, that is by making long fasts to have afterwards pleasure in eating dry bread; but was fond of good and delicate viands, and ate them without waiting to be hungry; and for this sin he is damned as a Heretic in this place.


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