Fulcieri da Calboli 1330

Fulcieri da Calboli 1330


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Fulcieri di Calboli, from Forlì (… – 1340), was an Italian nobleman, from the family of the Paolucci di Calboli and grandson of Rinieri di Calboli, who lived in the 13th-14th century.

Exponent of the Guelph side, as per family tradition he was an opponent of the Ordelaffi, Ghibellines, who managed, however, to take the lordship of Forlì, first with Scarpetta and then with Francesco I.

However, he held important political positions, such as that of mayor in various cities: Milan, Modena, Florence, Bologna.

Just as mayor of Florence, in 1303, he had to reject an attempt to take back the city made by Guelph exiles and Ghibellines, including Dante, under the guidance of another Forlì, his old adversary Scarpetta degli Ordelaffi. Here is how Dino Compagni introduces the episode: “The third disaventura had the Whites and Ghibellines (which united them, and the two names were reduced to one) for this reason: that being Folcieri da Calvoli mayor of Florence, the Whites called Scarpetta degli Ordalaffi their captain, a young and temperate man, the enemy of Folcieri “. The “temperate” contrasts with Fulcieri’s character, who is instead described as violent and ferocious.

Here is what Dante makes Guido del Duca say about it, speaking with Rinieri da Calboli (Purgatorio, XIV, 58-66):

«Io veggio tuo nepote che diventa
cacciator di quei lupi in su la riva
del fiero fiume, e tutti li sgomenta.

Vende la carne loro essendo viva;
poscia li ancide come antica belva;
molti di vita e sé di pregio priva.

Sanguinoso esce de la trista selva;
lasciala tal, che di qui a mille anni
ne lo stato primaio non si rinselva.»

Obviously, these are judgments also influenced by political controversy. However, the fact remains that the Florentines, exceptionally (against the rule of changing podestà every semester), decided, for Fulcieri, to be re-elected for the second consecutive term.

In 1322 Fulcieri was hired as captain by Amelio di Lautrec, rector of the Marca, to bring some territories back to obedience: Fulcieri reconquered Osimo and Recanati with arms; Firm, in the throes of defeat, he immediately negotiated an agreement

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