Lambertino Lambertini – battle of Fossalta 1249

Lambertino Lambertini – battle of Fossalta 1249


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Lambertino Lambertini, battle of Fossalta 1249 – 54mm -metal kit FRV-022

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Fossalta was the scene of the first pitched battle won by the Guelphs. It was fought from dawn to dusk on May 26, 1249, on the Ponte di Sant’Ambrogio. The destinies of Frederick II, his favorite son and Italy were decided there.

The fighters of Modena were routed there by the infantrymen of Bologna and, in the scrambled escape, they left about one thousand and six hundred prisoners including Heinz himself who, disarmed by Lambertino Lambertini, Michele degli Orsi and Lambertolo Bottrigari and prevented from defending himself for the mortal wound inflicted on his horse, he had no options other than surrender.

the rotulars (wheel: flat and perhaps convex round shield, however we will address this problem later),
the license plates or plates
(in the note the author describes them as a shield made of wood and lined with leather shaped in the shape of a heart, they could be the ancestors of the sixteenth-century plaques that we know and that can be seen in the Hesperis).
and around 1456 the shot-guns or shot-guns armed with bronze and iron blasts.

Formed in the year 1192 in Acre, in the Levant, the medieval order played an important role in Outremer (the general name for the Crusader states), controlling the port tolls of Acre. After Christian forces were defeated in the Middle East, the order moved to Transylvania in 1211 to help defend the southeastern borders of the Kingdom of Hungary against the Cumans. The Knights were expelled by force of arms by King Andrew II of Hungary in 1225, after attempting to place themselves under papal instead of the original Hungarian sovereignty and thus to become independent.

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