Major Drum, France 1800

Major Drum, France 1800


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Major Drum, France 1800 – 54mm metal kit – FRV-031

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The drum major was the non-commissioned officer who directed the regimental band. His uniform flanked elements obtained from the troop uniform with others of his own or ‘stolen’ from officers and non-commissioned officers. For example, the long white gaiters worn over short black leather boots were derived from the clothing of ordinary soldiers. The belt, the golden epaulettes, the curved saber were all distinctive signs of the officers, while typical of the only major drums were the black gloves and the large black bicornuate with golden friezes and, in the center, a high white plume.

Originally the artillery was represented in the Consular Guard by a single company on horseback made up of 98 men. When the Imperial Guard was formed, Napoleon created a second company, also on horseback. In 1806 the corps was transformed into a regiment of three squadrons. Foot artillery did not appear in the Imperial Guard until 1808, when a regiment was founded that included six companies of artillerymen and one of bridges. In that same year, the units on foot and on horseback were merged into one body.

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