Roman Cornicen
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Roman Cornicen


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Roman Cornicen 120mm – metal kit model – cod. FRV-004

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The cornicen (Latin pl. Cornicines) was a soldier of the Roman army who transformed the orders given by the signifer into acoustic signals addressed to the legion. He was employed by a centurion and played the horn instrument. His job was similar to that of the other players in the Roman army: to give orders to officers through sound. He was part of the principales, together with the tubicines and the bucinatores, or of those sub-officers belonging to the sesquiplicariui group.

The Cornicines always marched at the head of their century, alongside the tesserarius and the signifer. Often they also acted as a direct assistant to the centurion, as if they were a second optio. They had a pay of one and a half times (sesquiplicarius) compared to the normal miles-legionaries. They were part of both the Roman legions, and auxiliary units.

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Dimensioni 19 × 12 × 6 cm


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