Saracen Raid IX cent.

Saracen Raid IX cent.


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Saracen Raid, IX cent. – 54mm -metal kit FRV-036

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In the early Middle Ages, two “populations” in particular devastated the European continent, becoming a nightmare for its inhabitants with their frequent raids, looting and destruction: the Vikings and the Saracens. I put the definition of population in quotation marks as it is improper to define them in this way, especially the latter, but by linguistic convention I had to do it, in order not to create further confusion.

While it is quite correct to define Viking populations as all those who were settled in Scandinavia and in present-day Denmark, which also took different names in later times based on the places of origin and settlement, and how they were identified by the dominated populations and with whom time they amalgamated, it is not the same with regard to the Saracens, as many populations were defined in this way regardless of their origin and ethnicity, mainly Arabs but also Moors, Berbers, Basques, Andalusians, etc. up to the Turks in the Middle Ages.

With the term “Saracens” the ancient authors designated an Arab population settled in the southern part of the Sinai peninsula with its epicenter in the city of Saraka, and then over time ended up designating the Arabs and Muslims in general.

The forays into the French hinterland and into Liguria and Piedmont were mainly planned at their base in Frassineto in Provence (Fraxinetum Saracenorum), where they had settled at the end of the 9th century and from which most of the expeditions departed.

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