Servus Christi

Servus Christi


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Servus Christi – 54mm – metal kit – FRV-015

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That of the Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonis (“Poor companions in arms of Christ and of the temple of Solomon”), better known as Knights Templar or simply Templars, was one of the first and best known medieval Christian religious orders of chivalry.

The birth of the order is placed in the Holy Land at the center of the wars between Christian and Islamic forces that broke out after the first crusade launched in 1096. At that time the roads of the Holy Land were traveled by pilgrims from all over Europe, who were often attacked and pillaged.

Once Jerusalem was conquered, many crusaders, considering their pilgrimage obligation concluded, returned to their homeland while those who decided to stay in the Holy Land immediately faced the problem of how to defend the holy places and how to ensure protection for thousands of pilgrims. that came from all over Europe.


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